Friday, May 22, 2009

Difficult Times

I just got done reading this story about a person who is trying to sell some skincare and cosmetic products. He just had to shut down his spa and is going through some difficult times just as many other people today. I figured I should help this person out by posting to the blog. If anyone is interested in these products at all, go ahead and give him a call. I'm sure he would love to hear from some people. 

This is the link I read the article from:

Go ahead and read it, and just see if you may be interested. 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jane Iredale Makeup Review

Jane Iredale Natural Mineral Makeup Product Review

JaneDo you know that the chemicals and ingredients used in your personal care and cosmetic products are not regulated by the FDA?

Most cosmetic products in the market contain loads of harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients.
Besides being harmful to your skin and health, these chemicals can cause clogging of the pores and skin irritations.  

Natural cosmetic products such as Jane Iredale Natural Mineral Make-ups are much safer and healthier alternatives. And the great thing about mineral makeups is that it can give you that weightless, natural, and radiant look. The chemical based make-up products that you normally buy at the department stores contain fragrances, fillers, parabens, petroleum, and other harmful chemicals. And the longer you use them, the more harm it could do to your skin!

What are the benefits of using Mineral Make-Up Product? 

Mineral make-ups are good for the skin. The iron, zinc oxides, and natural botanical extracts have anti-inflammory, anti-aging, anti-bacteria, and sun protection properties that are good for the skin. 

Furthermore, they contain little or no artificial colors, oils, dyes, or preservatives that can irritate the skin or clog the pores. Your skin can actually breath!

Also, they have that weightless, light feel, which makes you feel like you're wearing little or no make-up at all. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from rosacea and acne, you should switch over to mineral make-ups. Lots of people who have acne or rosacea have been very happy with the switch over to mineral makeups.

What the best organic mineral makeup products in the market?

I have extensively researched the market and found the Jane Iredale line of Natural Mineral Cosmetics to be among the best  that meet my high standards. Why are they #1? 

First of all, I like the fact that they use only the purest and high quality natural ingredients, ensuring that the products are safe and gentle on your skin. Some mineral makeup products contain bismuth oxychloride, which is known to cause skin irritations and breakouts. Some mineral makeup products also may contain low quality or little minerals and other cheap, toxic ingredients. Jane Iredale Natural Mineral makeups do not contain bismuth oxychloride or synthetic preservatives, dyes, and fillers.  

Jane Iredale makeup products also contain natural sunblock, are waterproof, and are less likely to cause skin irritation, unlike other products that contain loads of toxic and irritating ingredients.

As a testament to the superiority of her products, the company received numerous awards and was voted best makeup products from leading beauty magazines such as Elle, Skin Inc, Allure, and Natural Health. Recently, the Liquid Minerals product was the 2008 award winner for the Natural Health Beauty Awards Best Foundation Award.


Check this blog out!

If you are a smalltown person, or someone who is somehow affected by the recession, then you will enjoy this blog. It is based on the life and times of small town folks in Kentucky. Who knows, maybe it will give you ideas so that you can setup your own blog that is similar.

Jamiro Eclectica

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Want Great Cosmetic Products?

There are many great cosmetic lines out these days, but the most prominent of all of them is Jane Iredale. This mineral based makeup is the makeup for the new millennium. Formulated from pure micronized minerals and pigments, these all-natural cosmetics have the ability to cover almost any skin problem. Unlike so many makeup collections, the Jane Iredale line contains no oil to clog or enlarge pores and no talc, which can dry the skin. There is no perfume, alcohol, chemical additives or artificial dyes, yet it gives coverage that traditional makeup can only envy.

Great places to purchase this product: